I gave him flowers, and it started…

I gave him flowers, and it started…

I do not know if it would be easier if it was Maciej doing this blog post – it would be shorter 😉

We met at the turn of 2013 and 2014. Literally, because on New Year’s Eve night with our common friend, whom I knew from the ecclesial community, and Maciej from work.
Our communal custom (before we leave for “party” 💃) the end of the year we celebrate Holy Mass, where Maciej saw me before the event, and himself was the first time in many years in the church …
I’m laughing at the fact that God is able to attract me – he was given a wife as a gift to Maciej. 😉

And with these flowers it’s a little overwhelming, because my husband all says that I “tear” him to flowers 🌷 hmmm … let’s say. 😉 The truth is that I came across this party (like a woman) covered with “needles” – a purse, in some “mesh” shoes change, in the other something to eat, and also flowers … Maciej was in the lobby and before we managed I have received flowers already 😀 and who will believe me now that I just did not have to do with them? 😜

Later we had a chance to talk a lot. In fact, we spent half of the event in the kitchen and talked about different things … We also came back together because it turned out that we live quite close to each other. ( “Case”? 😉) We did not finish some topics, so the second day was a walk and dinner.

It was not so beautiful…

It was beautifully started, but I was in a difficult period of life healing the wounds after the recently lost sympathy, which was just reactivated at that time … So for a deeper acquaintance with Maciek I was closed counting on a re-love story with that boy. However, it is possible to define that relationship with the slang of facebook in two words: “it is complicated” 😉

Maciek was more and more in my life. Literally! I was afraid that one day I would open the fridge and jump out of it. “My husband, however, is the type of man who does not easily surrender and it has resulted in the further part of this story.

Almost groundbreaking …

I would say that by shaping my spirituality in community, I saw many fruits and testimonies of prayer for a good husband. I prayed for so many years. It was a whole process! Many conversations and “quarrels” on this subject with God, readiness even to accept another vocation, although in the heart further desire to be wife and mother.

Of course, I also had a vision of how it was supposed to look. – He was noble, good, handsome, raised in church, believing … Great at all! That’s where my perfectionism comes in. But what I’m going to do …

Appears Maciej – many years outside the church, I do not even know whether the believer. Looking at the facts (by which God says too) has all the qualities that impressed me in some way but the most important for me: Faith.

Although I think I did not have too much of it, because I did not give much chance to be together … 😉

So I began praying for the faith of Him and the signs of whether we should be together. This was the time when I no longer wanted to enter into a testimony of what it would be. No! I’ve been taking it seriously.

Over time, I saw these signs, as his faith awakes, as one struggles for his holiness and for himself.

These were amazing miracles! I can not write here in detail, because the internet would run out, but I will tell about one event that turned out to be a breakthrough for our relationship.

It’s just a breakthrough!😉

One of my friends gave me a prayer to St. Raphael at that time (this is the Angel of Tobias who brought Tobias to Sarah – they were married) to pray for her good husband. He prayed for me this prayer too.

I think – “Well, so many years I pray, why not the this prayer!”

It turned out (later) that at the same time Maciej got the same prayer from that friend we met – praying for a good wife.

I do not know how it happened (I’ll probably find out), but something broke in me.

He was always full, suddenly left for 3 days to family and was silent, and I began to discover that I miss … (although not quite silent, because courier flowers came)

After his return we were on an appointment, and I was not looking forward to meeting … Something started to happen in my heart … In fact, at that moment we started to be together.

At the end…

The Book of Tobias and St. Raphael still had their share of engagement decisions, but we would “commit” another blog post.

I admit that it was good to go back those few years back and recall the beginnings, the “freshness”. We have such a box with sticky notes, notes and notes from that period, I think I will see them. 😍❤️