Rollercoaster to “Yes”!


Continuing the previous entry, a few days after my return to Warsaw were valentines, which we went to the cinema … as friends, not a couple 😀.
Although the situation in those days changed as in a kaleidoscope, I knew that Iwonka was a special woman and I really care about her. I decided once again not to surrender and decided to take a step, which then was an act of strong despair for me 😜.


In order to present quickly the background of that situation, I will write only that I have not had the slightest contact with faith and the church for more than 10 years.
And I have not the slightest relationship with God, negating his existence for many years, I decided to “put him to the test” 😀. It was a time when I was preparing for a marathon and after training I often used the sauna. Once, while sitting in the sauna, I said aloud, “God, if you really exist, then I ask you for a good husband for Iwonka (not necessarily me, because I’m not suitable for the role of husband at the moment). If this is me, then I ask you for wisdom, strength and your grace, so that I can prepare myself for this role. “I remember how I was going to do that moment and I could accurately point to the place where I uttered these words, although in this sauna I have been for over 3 years 😀.


For me, the most difficult thing at the beginning of our relationship was to pray together and not because I had to “spiritually expose” to another person, but because after so many years of being non-believer I did not know any prayer. To such an extent that I made up my mind to remember the basics of “Lord’s Prayer” or “Hail Mary”. I remember the joy of Iwonka when after a few days I was able to refuse all without using a card 😊.

Although her and my faith were at different stages, we both wanted to build a relationship based on God. But how is it beyond the desire to coexist also the desire for physical proximity of this beloved person and in the beginning it was difficult for me to understand the issue of premarital chastity, which so far associated me with religious sisters and celibate. However, with respect to Iwonka I decided to “not push” and more to try to regain his purity. In addition to prayers, the conference of Adam Szustak helped me a lot:


The days of being together went very fast, the scheme was often repeated that I was at Iwonka’s house until late at night, then I was going to sleep for a short while and work. And yet in the meantime I had to “push” the last stage of marathon training 😉 Day became a few hours too short 😀

Every day I was more and more confident that Iwonka was the woman with I want to spend my whole life. More and more often in our conversations there was an engagement theme and a ring.

I had no doubts, for me it could have been “already” 😀. I was afraid that a few months of acquaintance was too early. So I suggested to ask someone who knows best whether it is the right time. We prayed together and opened the Scriptures, where we got a very specific answer:
“There is no man except you, who would have the right to take Sarah … for his wife.”
The real answer is from the Book of Tobit! Such signs have convinced me that there is someone above us and, among other things, thanks to such miracles, my faith is gaining “momentum”.

Time passed quickly, in the meantime I ran the marathon, I said “I love you”, I went to Italy for a week to run, I heard first “love you” (order not accidental) 😀. In my mind, I began to draw a plan for the place and the way of engagement. I decided to use this planned trip to friends in Lublin.


On the night before the engagement, my emotions have already reached the zenith, so I suffered from “light” insomnia 😉
On the next day another challenge appeared, the temperature was high and I was wondering how to hide the ring in the pocket of shorts so that Iwonka had not discovered it before 😀 (to this day I do not know why I just did not hide in the pocket of the ring itself) . But the “mission” has succeeded and remained its last stage: find “a unique” place. Originally planned to declare myself in the evening of the old town and castle, but the schedule of the day was such that we first went to the botanical garden. There I decided very quickly that the engagement would be “here”. And the main argument was not the beautiful surroundings, but above all the fact that I had such excitement and fears that Iwonka would soon discover my intentions.

Left “only” to find a suitable place soon. First we went to the “cactus’ zone” and as you can see in the photos I am “a bit” less laid back from Iwonka 😀


After a dozen minutes I found this “special place” as soon as I saw it from a distance of several dozen meters I knew it was here!
The emotions were so high that the very moment of kneeling on the knee and what was happening a moment later it is all a blur …

It is worth mentioning that Paulina, a friend of Iwonka, accompanied us that day. I asked Paula to take a picture from a distance and when I knelt down on her knee, asking Paul for a hand, Paula did not know if it was a joke or not, and she was not sure if she was going to enjoy us or continue taking pictures. Fortunately, she took a photos, so we have a beautiful memorial of our engagement. 😀