Why we are “Called to Holiness”?

What is this sacredness and why we are “Called to Holiness”?

We are co-organizers of “Tak na Serio” and in one of the monthly Facebook cycles we described marriages elevated to the altars. Ordinary and yet extraordinary marriage and their inspiring stories! We do not aspire to the altars (and anyway … why not!), But we certainly want to be sanctified in our vocation, in our daily life.

That we are called to holiness as a person, and now as spouses we knew before the wedding (though it was time that we did not pass through it, but this detail on the occasion of another entry), but now we fully begin to understand the meaning of this vocation to holiness in the dimension of marriage. Probably some may think that you have to be truly immaculate, to be worthy of the saints – nothing more wrong! You can be imperfect, but holiness means overcoming these imperfections every day with four words and everything that hides behind them: “I love You, I’m sorry, I forgive You, Thank You.”

We are quite young married – since August 2015. Our daughter has been with us for 10 months, and in 4 months our son (who is still under mothers) will be born.
However, this time has already shown us that marriage is a beautiful adventure, but to adventure is an obstacle it encounters. This joint effort to overcome them strengthens and cement marriage, but under one condition – has to fight the problem together, not against one another.

Power of the Sacrament

Going back to holiness, we understand it in a sacramental dimension, that is, our relationship, our love was blessed by God! Is not it great to invite this common adventure of our guide? When our roads get dark, when we turn into an unknown path, there is someone who can always say, “I’m looking for a new route.” We experience it not only in difficult situations, but also in everyday, simple things.

Maybe our beliefs, finding this Guide every day seems to be somebody’s pockets, unfashionable or medieval … It gives us so much joy and strength to get up and try to fight for the holiness of our marriage every day.

Love, joy and positive madness …

Through this blog we will try to show that marriage built “on the rock” does not have to be boring, old-fashioned and sad, on the contrary may be full of love, joy and positive madness!🙂

We invite you to this adventure of all the spouses, fiancées and looking for your husband or wife!

Remember that this site is primarily for You, so we encourage You to be active.

We wish you a pleasant reading 🙂